What is a TOTAL Business Coach?

At TOTAL Business Coach, we frequently are asked, “What is a business coach?”  Followed by the next question, “Why does my business need a coach?”  Well, below are the answers to both of these burning questions.

A business coach is a mentor to help you achieve your goals, aspirations and dreams for your business.  A TOTAL Business Coach will assist you with clarifying your goals and objectives.  Then, a plan will be developed to help you strengthen and acquire the necessary skills and resources needed to successfully operate your business and achieve your goals.  We also will help you develop systems for everything from marketing to sales to daily office tasks.  These systems will give you, the business owner, more time either enjoy life or work on, not in, your business.  It’s choice how you want to spend your new free time.

If you want your business to be more successful and profitable, your business needs a coach.  All of our customers’ businesses are growing, increasing sales and becoming more profitable.  In addition, the owners are experiencing more free time to as they please.

A business coach is not for everyone.  That is why we offer a FREE 30-Minute Consultation.  We want to see if either we can help you and your business out, or if we know someone who would be better suited to help you.  If we cannot assist you, we will let you know.

At first, most business owners view a business coach as an expense.  In reality, a business coach is an investment and should be viewed that way.  When you work with a TOTAL Business Coach, we understand that our fee is an investment that needs to deliver an excellent return.  We want you and your business to be successful.  For this reason we offer our 60-Day Challenge.  If after successfully completing 60 days of coaching with your TOTAL Business Coach, you feel we have not produced a good return on your investment, we will refund you any money invested into coaching, and we will continue to coach you for an additional 30 days free of charge.  The only fine print to the 60-Day Challenge is that you do your part and attend all your coaching sessions and complete all the required homework.  If these two items are completed, we have no problem honoring your request. No questions asked!

If you would like to schedule your FREE 30-Minute Consultation, give us a call today at 720-295-6055 or fill out this form and we will contact you.

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