How Much Are You Willing to Pay for a Lead?

This is a very important question that is often overlooked when accessing a potential new advertising source. Whenever you are presented with a new advertising opportunity you should do a simple ROI analysis.  However, more importantly you should have an idea of how much you are willing to spend for a new lead as a […]

3 Time Saving, Free Social Media Tools

One of the biggest complaints we receive about social media is that it takes too much time.  TOTAL Business Coach has your solution with three simple, free social media tools.  Utilizing each of the tools, we are able to monitor our social media presence, find conversations to join and schedule our posts and updates, all […]

What is a TOTAL Business Coach?

At TOTAL Business Coach, we frequently are asked, “What is a business coach?”  Followed by the next question, “Why does my business need a coach?”  Well, below are the answers to both of these burning questions. A business coach is a mentor to help you achieve your goals, aspirations and dreams for your business.  A […]

Groupon – A Sales or Marketing Tool?

It’s hard to deny the exposure your company can receive by running a Groupon campaign. Thousands and thousands of potential customers receiving an email with your special, heavily discounted deal. And best of all you do not have to pay anything, you just need to honor the discounted price. Who wouldn’t want that exposure? The […]

Do You Have a Referral Program That Actually Works?

Referrals are one of your best sources for new leads.  In addition, they make great leads usually turning into sales.  Your previous customer has already done most of the selling for you. However, many businesses do not have a formal referral program in place to actively seek out referrals.  The majority of companies wait for […]

What is Exceptional Customer Service?

Let’s first define exceptional customer service, which can sometimes be a hard thing to define.  What is your definition of exceptional customer service? Mine is simple.  “Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to it.  When the opportunity presents itself, go above and beyond the customer’s expectations.” […]

A Great Source of Additional Business

One of your best, and most overlooked, sources for additional business is your current customers. Everyone has heard the phrase it is cheaper to sell to your current customers than it is to acquire new ones, but are you doing everything you can to be in front of your current customers?  Are you utilizing direct […]

The Easiest Sales Tip in the World

The most simple and easiest sales tip in the world is to smile. A smile is contagious.  If you smile at someone, they will likely smile right back at you. Smiles instantly make you feel happier.  It is tough to be in a bad mood when you smile.  Try it now. Smile.  You will feel […]


Welcome to the TOTAL Business Coach blog and our first of many posts. (a directory of blogs) needs me to put this weird code here to claim my blog on their directory.  Sorry about the confusion.  HWVH7NUUHCKD TOTAL Business Coach was founded with the simple goal of making small business owner’s dreams come true. […]