A Great Source of Additional Business

One of your best, and most overlooked, sources for additional business is your current customers. Everyone has heard the phrase it is cheaper to sell to your current customers than it is to acquire new ones, but are you doing everything you can to be in front of your current customers?  Are you utilizing direct […]

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The Easiest Sales Tip in the World

The most simple and easiest sales tip in the world is to smile. A smile is contagious.  If you smile at someone, they will likely smile right back at you. Smiles instantly make you feel happier.  It is tough to be in a bad mood when you smile.  Try it now. Smile.  You will feel […]

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Welcome to the TOTAL Business Coach blog and our first of many posts. Technorati.com (a directory of blogs) needs me to put this weird code here to claim my blog on their directory.  Sorry about the confusion.  HWVH7NUUHCKD TOTAL Business Coach was founded with the simple goal of making small business owner’s dreams come true. […]

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