Do You Have a Referral Program That Actually Works?

Referrals are one of your best sources for new leads.  In addition, they make great leads usually turning into sales.  Your previous customer has already done most of the selling for you.

However, many businesses do not have a formal referral program in place to actively seek out referrals.  The majority of companies wait for the referrals to come to them.  In addition, most companies offer gifts to both the referral and referrer, but again there is no systemized way to track payment of the rewards.  If you not follow through with your promise of a gift to the referrer you will not be receiving any more referrals from them.


Have a referral form ready and easily accessible for all your customers.

If you have a retail shop or a restaurant get business cards printed with your general company information and a small promotion ($5 off of 10% off) on one side, and a place for your referrer to write their name and address on the other.  Tell your customer that when a new customer they recommend brings the card in, you will mail them a gift, such as a gift certificate to your store.

If you are a professional service provider, have a referral sheet for your customer to fill out of others they know who might be interested in your services.  Try offering them a small gift just for a name and phone number and a bigger gift if the name turns into a customer of yours.

Be proactive.

Don’t wait for referrals, ask your customers for them.  A simple question like, “Do you know anyone else you could benefit from our services?” or “Do you know about our great referral program?” can go along way, but you have to ask it.

Be prompt with your gifts.

Have a system in place to make sure your referrers receive their gifts promptly.  Typically as soon as they receive their gift, it reminds them of other possible referrals.

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