What is a TOTAL Business Coach?

At TOTAL Business Coach, we frequently are asked, “What is a business coach?”  Followed by the next question, “Why does my business need a coach?”  Well, below are the answers to both of these burning questions. A business coach is a mentor to help you achieve your goals, aspirations and dreams for your business.  A […]

What is Exceptional Customer Service?

Let’s first define exceptional customer service, which can sometimes be a hard thing to define.  What is your definition of exceptional customer service? Mine is simple.  “Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to it.  When the opportunity presents itself, go above and beyond the customer’s expectations.” […]


Welcome to the TOTAL Business Coach blog and our first of many posts. Technorati.com (a directory of blogs) needs me to put this weird code here to claim my blog on their directory.  Sorry about the confusion.  HWVH7NUUHCKD TOTAL Business Coach was founded with the simple goal of making small business owner’s dreams come true. […]